Metal parts for sale!

Let’s start here.

T3 Turbo Outlet Gasket – $10

T3 Turbo Outlet Flange – $15

T3 Turbo Inlet Gasket – $10

T3 Turbo Inlet Flange – $15

38mm Wastegate Gasket – $10


38mm Wastegate Flange – $15

4g63-24/1 Trigger Wheel – $12

2 thoughts on “Metal parts for sale!”

  1. Hello,
    I’ve been following your Arrow posts on several forums. I live in So Cal and looking for someone reputable on 4g63t rwd conversion. I have a 78 GT and an 80 Fire Arrow. Or can you sell me an almost drop in unit?

    1. Hey Jojo,
      Unfortunately, that isn’t a task I am able to tackle at the moment. I’m also not sure how CA handles emissions on a motor swap, also, not something I want to get into either. Sadly, I won’t be able to offer you any assistance on this endeavor.

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