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I came home Saturday morning to a nice warm 37°F. I figured it’s warm enough to tackle a project outside. Instead of fixing my gutter, I chose to work on the montero. The plan was, install a winch plate from We were unsure if it was going to fit the 03 montero sport, since it’s designed to fit the regular montero. Well, it’s a inch or so too narrow. So I took a scraped jeep project winch plate, and got to modifying.

You can see the Midwest showing in this picture.

Since the Montero already had some damage to the front bumper cover, I had no problem cutting a hole in the front of it. The overall fitment is pretty good, and the added light bar more than makes up for the busted foglights.

I’ve owned this winch for almost two years, and finally installed it on a vehicle. Some day I’ll use it.