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Montero solutions

So the Montero went into 2wd mode only. There’s no option for that on the transfer case. So in Awd, it just wouldn’t go, and made a gear on gear grinding noise. In 4wd, I got the rear wheels powered. So my catastrophizing brain “knows” the transfer case or front differential broke. The grinding is probably the chain in the transfer case, right?

So I bought a parts truck with a good tcase and front diff. It had a front impact, so it wasn’t suitable to put my good parts on it, so it got dismantled and the body got scraped. Plus the frame was rotted through.

Come to find out, the front driver side wheel hub was stripped….

Luckily! The parts truck has two of these! Yay!

In the mean time, I installed a 2 speed electric fan from a Ford Taurus and replaced my leaky coolant hoses. Now the heat works!

Low and high speed temperature sensors installed, with an oem thermostat. I absolutely love having a TIG welder and being able to use it. I also replaced the fuel tank because the high pressure fuel line was full of pin holes, thus my 11mpg.

I have a small hand full of things to finish on it, like the exhaust, but it’s back on the road and ready for adventure!

Let there be light!

So the arrow still had “test lights” in. That is, 35w low on the driver side, and high on the passenger side, a 100w high on the driver side and a 55w low on the passenger side as if that’s not confusing enough. So now it’s running 55w low hids, and 100w Hella bulbs on highs. I had already installed high amp relays in anticipation of going hid.

It’s really hard to capture the cutoff on a fence on uneven ground.

Hitch is hot


Broke jeep donated its hitch wiring to the black jeep. We’ll see how this 4.0 compares to the 5.9 Cummins in tow capacity. Hah! Anyways.


The connector got blown up in the accident. Upgrade!


All the wiring is twisted, soldered, and shrink tube sealed.


7 and 4 pin connector. I like this style because you don’t need an adapter. I had one on the Cummins, it was nice. This one seems to be wired a little better than the Cummins, but this is an oem wiring harness. I believe the 5.9 jeep has an oem harness as well.

The arrow broke a plug


I switched to the E3 46 plugs. From ngk. Now I’m back with ngk. I won’t say they have never failed me, but I’m not demanding much out of these. They saw 5800rpm, and 13psi. I started noticing a miss at idle, then a miss under boost. It was a lot more prominent once I switched over to wasted spark.


Look ma! No distributor!
I added the second bip373 coil driver, and rewired the coil power and stuff. Pretty decent for fighting a spark plug all day.