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What you’ve been missing

Not much. Actually, not much, so the Comanche is drivetrain less, and the purple jeep is about to be, and the broke jeep is just, broke. In order to get the arrow out of the garage, something has to move. So the arrow snuck out carefully with the aid of a jack.

I’m running eight pounds of boost, on the stock 2L block, crank and rods, with new pistons, a non jet valve head, conquest cam, and Megasquirt throttle body injection. It runs well. The new radiator is on the way. Along with new gauges because the bright blue digital ones overtake the road at night.

The above was filmed with a potato for informational purposes.

So the 5.9L is coming together, and I’ve got the mounts ready to be installed in the mj chassis. I need to get rid of its old drivetrain so it’s out of my way.

But the engine is assembled, I need to change the transmission filter, but otherwise it’s ready to line up in the mj chassis.

Intake manifold mockup

So I decided to go with 1.75″ 16 gauge mandrel bent steel pipe and 1/4″ sheet metal for my new MPFI intake manifold.


The plenum is a little over 3 liters displacement. The runners are within my desired range of 9-13″. This should provide a torque range of 3-6k rpm.


The fitment is pretty close, but I can adjust the location of my brake proportioning valve. The intake elbow needs to be addressed, I think a silicone coupler will make quick work of that.

Then there is the tri y header I’m making.


With all this cutting, something had to break.