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Montero solutions

So the Montero went into 2wd mode only. There’s no option for that on the transfer case. So in Awd, it just wouldn’t go, and made a gear on gear grinding noise. In 4wd, I got the rear wheels powered. So my catastrophizing brain “knows” the transfer case or front differential broke. The grinding is probably the chain in the transfer case, right?

So I bought a parts truck with a good tcase and front diff. It had a front impact, so it wasn’t suitable to put my good parts on it, so it got dismantled and the body got scraped. Plus the frame was rotted through.

Come to find out, the front driver side wheel hub was stripped….

Luckily! The parts truck has two of these! Yay!

In the mean time, I installed a 2 speed electric fan from a Ford Taurus and replaced my leaky coolant hoses. Now the heat works!

Low and high speed temperature sensors installed, with an oem thermostat. I absolutely love having a TIG welder and being able to use it. I also replaced the fuel tank because the high pressure fuel line was full of pin holes, thus my 11mpg.

I have a small hand full of things to finish on it, like the exhaust, but it’s back on the road and ready for adventure!

The new power plant

The Arrows crank got beat out of round, so instead on having the machine work done to get the stock motor back in it, I decided on a motor swap. The plan was to go 4G63T 2.0L DOHC Turbo engine. But, as they say, you can make plans, but not plan the outcome. So I traded Dibari a stroked 4g63 for a stocker, or so I thought. After I got it all unloaded and thrown on the stand, it looked, off. After some inspection, come to find out, it’s a 4G61T. The DOHC Turbo 1.6L from the mirage/colt. How fitting for an Arrow.

So, now having this basically stock 1.6L bottom end, it’s time to check it out.

New bearings ✔

all new gaskets ✔

hks 272 cams ✔

Evo 8 intake manifold ✔

Evo 3 big 16g ✔

2g head and head studs ✔

So far everything is coming together smoothly. From the specs of this combination, it should be ~250HP. Which is right where I want to be.

One difference is the deck height of the block is shorter, so I had to clearance the timing belt tensioner bracket, and slot the top hole for it. Also, the water pump is different than a 4g63. It’s shorter as well.

Everything is lined up, the cams are degreed, they were about 4 degrees off. I got the crank trigger mounted, I just welded a bar on and drilled and tapped some holes in it. I welded a couple beads on to keep it centered.

The crz got some love this weekend too. I took the roof rack off the Montero and cut it down to 42″ then took the mostly destroyed plastic off and used gaffing tape as a traction material/color.

Then added the basket.

I also did some kayaking with my girlfriend Jamie last weekend after wandering around the shore of Lake Michigan.

Fare thee well

The time has come to say goodbye to the 1987 Chrysler Conquest. It had some good runs, but I have too many cars, and it’s just a heap. So it went to the scrapyard.

Now that the conquest is out of the garage, the Arrow can get some love. Time to pull the motor, and get those bearings replaced.

But wait, why don’t I throw the Comanche axles under the Comanche and get it off Jack stands. Great idea! So I did that.

I like how it sits. But it has the og rear axle, 2.something gears, Spring over swapped and the 2wd front axle under it. The only 4wd axle I have is 3.73 gears, so I didn’t want to put that under it. I also threw the 4inch front lift on it.

But wait, there’s more…

The maroon 85.5 conquest is giving up its motor. I pulled that tonight. I forgot how easy this pulling Motors and swapping axle stuff really is.

Whew. That was easy. Now it’s time to focus on what’s important. Dinner!

Shrimps and grits. Delicious.

Jeep days

So the Comanche needs some dissembling before it gets to a good point, so that’s what this weekend was made up of.


I have to take all the suspension/axles off to put on the scrap zj.


The front was challenging.


I had to cut/grind the upper control arm bolt off.


But it came free.


The rear was very simple, but I did decide to cut off every brake line. It’ll make sense later. Longer lines and what not. Ford parts and junk.


Had to cut off the u bolts. With a torch.


And then I isolated the engine harness from the engine bay body harness. Because a 5.2L swap makes sense.


Then we went fishing.

Jerp derp

I mean jeep.
Or jeeps.


It’s getting out of control around here.
The 5.2L got smashed in the ass. So I bought a 5.9L to replace it. That seems like a legitimately sane decision.


There’s a noise, and oil pressure builds when you rev it up.
Whatever, I’ll just fix it. It also has every normal problem a 1998 should have.
-coolant sensor error on the Vic
-automatic lights jitter
-sunroof doesn’t open
-hatch and glass struts are blown
-front diversion noise/leaks
-electric door locks don’t work
-someone used too much air freshener
This particular one has runny spray painted taillights, a plugged sunroof drain (I believe), a 3″ lift, new tires and rims, a non functional remote entry/maybe alarm. And some other piddly crap.





It seems to be the same color as the 5.2L, so that’s nice, same color interior too.
Now I wait for the carpet to dry and a battery to charge.

Baffling. And so on.


The baffle that I’m installing will help regulate the oil from getting sloshed back in the pan on acceleration. It will allow the oil to flow back to the front, or back to the lowest point, with no real change. I also installed the turbo drain pipe in the pan. I didn’t have enough room to just use a compression type port hole, so I welded it on, inside and out. This is Mitsubishi Japanese steel! None of that “American sheet metal”.


I installed a supplementary trash magnet as well. You can see it through the drain hole so it can be checked easily during an oil change. The drain plug also is magnetic. The extra is a rare earth magnet from the inside of a hard drive.



I started mocking up an exhaust manifold. I planned to do a tri-y design, but I don’t think that will work out as I wanted to put a twin scroll flange on it so I could install a turbo after the motor is broke in and tuned non-turbo. I think I’ll just make a basic long tube header. I’ll do that once the engine is installed.




I sprayed the lower section of the engine bay with bedliner. The end result will be two-tone. I found a paint the matches the stock “bright blue” pretty well.


Adam bought a house and was real excited that prohibition ended back in 33. So we celebrated!